Looking after a baby is not easy, but at the same time interesting and enjoyable. If your little fidget goes to kindergarten or school, our new game is just for him! After all, playing it - your child will be able to look at himself from the side. It will give an opportunity to play mother to find out what a real babysitter is doing and what really is caring for a baby!
Foot care is fun addictive hyper casual girls game.These patients really have some major problems with their feet! Could you help the podiatrist treat their injuries and other conditions in this cute medical simulation game
Baby Taylor is very fond of making sand castles in the park with her friends, Jessica and Tom. But sand and mud can damage Taylor's hands and nails. On this day, after Taylor returned home from the park, her mother discovered that her hands are dirty and her nails are broken. Would you please make a hand spa for Taylor with Taylor's mom? Let us help Taylor to restore her hand to a beautiful look.
In game Babysitter Crazy Daycare parents are tired and confused their child is restless and they need a day off They are looking for the best babysitter and they found you Take care for all babies
Operate baby sharks through the depths of the ocean and explore underwater locations like never before. Tap the screen to keep the baby shark floating and moving. If the baby shark stops for any reason, it starts to sink, and if it hits the bottom of the valley, it's game over. Make sure the baby shark doesn't hit the sides of the underwater trench it's swimming in or it's game over.